WSCF began as an independent evangelical group of Christians meeting in a home in 1978. In 1979 the group began meeting in Cardinal McKeefrey School in Wilton. In 1998 WSCF moved to the Onslow College hall in Johnsonville. We now meet in the Johnsonville Community Centre hall.

WSCF is an autonomous local fellowship, but part of (and accountable to) the larger church in Wellington.

We believe in plural leadership and the fellowship is served by elders and deacons and others who, from time to time, take on various responsibilities and lead programmes to serve the body of Christ.

We encourage variety and freedom in our expression of praise and worship by welcoming the power and presence of the Holy Spirit. Several worship leaders and musicians take turns in leading the worship.

Bible teaching is brought by members of the fellowship and visiting speakers.

We believe in the priesthood of all believers and everyone is encouraged to function in their gifts to minister to the body. We endeavor to develop talents and gifts in individuals to enable them to grow and to function in the fellowship and in the community.

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